Grape Street Cafe: Best Wine in Las Vegas

Best Wine in Las Vegas

When one thinks of Las Vegas, the image of a classy wine bar does not always come to mind, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

Grape Street Café is a wine bar and restaurant in the heart of Las Vegas. It’s known for its cozy, family-like atmosphere and genuine Italian roots. While the wine they sell is quality, the price is low, with many specials including 50 percent off all wine taken out of the restaurant and a 50 percent off special on dine in wine on Mondays.

With a wine list longer than most restaurants, this winery offers a vino for every taste pallet, including Chiantis and Roses.

In addition to their selection of fine wines, Grape Street also offers a full food list for lunch and dinner. The meals that pair perfectly with their wine selection. Yelp users rave about the baked brie and the different pasta selections.