Grant Achatz Loves Little Caesars and More News

In today's Media Mix, Paul Qui on winning 'Top Chef,' plus pepper jack may be a trend
Media Mix
Arthur Bovino

Media Mix

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Grant Achatz's Food Indulgences: Apparently, the molecular gastronomist loves Little Caesars pizza and Potbelly's sandwiches. And in his kitchen? Sriracha, Hellmann's mayo, mustard, Heinz ketchup, and "crappy vanilla ice cream." He's human! [WSJ]

Burger King Releases New Burger: Seems like Burger King is amping up their big burger selection, with the Chef's Choice series serving up 5.5-ounce patties. [QSR]

Paul Qui's Plan with Top Chef Win: What's the Top Chef winner going to do with all that money? "I'm going to give a lot of that money to Sallie Mae. And for now I'm going to stay focused on my work at Uchiko and spend some of it on that. And [my girlfriend] Deana of course." [ABC]

Pepper Jack Trend Starting: Kraft, Kellogg's, and Carl's Jr. are just a couple of brands getting on the pepper jack cheese train, as one marketing vice president said, "It's one of the fastest-growing cheeses we've ever seen." Which means yes, there are pepper jack Cheez-Its. [USA Today]