Grant Achatz Divulges Details of Future Ventures

Chef Achatz discusses a museum exhibit, documentaries, and a TV show
Grant Achatz
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Grant Achatz

While attending the 34th Annual Conference of the International Association of Culinary Professionals, Grant Achatz discussed his exciting plans for the future, which include starring in a TV show, producing two documentaries, opening an exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, and helping to develop a film version of his book, Life on the Line. All that and, of course, the possibility that he will open a Manhattan restaurant in the Flatiron Building sometime soon. 

First things first, with regards to the TV show, Achatz only shared that he's meeting with the folks behind Iconoclasts, the Sundance Channel hit, about developing a possible cooking show of sorts. And as far as the documentaries are concerned, Achatz only reiterated the details known about one of the films, Taste, which will be directed by R.J. Cutler.

The concept and realization of the art exhibit are in the very early stages as well; Achatz shared that it's not slated to open for another couple of years. However, he did hint at being very inspired by the New York City theatrical hit Sleep No More, and that he hopes to achieve a similar sensibility in his own exhibit. 

Achatz also touched on the ongoing changes happening at Alinea, such as new dishes they're working on and new concepts being introduced to the dining experience, including wardrobe changes for the waitstaff.