Grab a Snickers! Amazing Recipes with Everybody’s Favorite Candy Bar

Day 2 of 31: Your favorite candy bar, made even better

I don’t know what it is. The nougat? The peanuts? Those waves of milk chocolate up top?

For day 2 of our "31 Days of Halloween" extravaganza, discover what you can do with Snickers! 

Whatever it is that makes Snickers the single most irresistible candy bar in my life, one thing if for sure… the only thing better than nabbing a Snickers in the checkout line at the grocery store and sneak-eating it before the kids beg for a bite, is a recipe that makes gorgeous use of the candy bar. Like these recipes. From Snickers hot fudge to a homemade Snickers bar that is out of this world, isn’t it time we celebrate Snickers like… right now?

— Brooke McLay, Babble


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