'Got Milk?' Famous Ad Campaign Ends; Replaced with Milk Life

Milk’s famous celebrity milk moustaches will be no more; new ad campaign focuses on ordinary people drinking milk

The new ad campaign for milk features ordinary people becoming extraordinary through the power of milk.

All good things — even famous milk moustache ad campaigns — must come to an end. The Milk Processor Educator Program announced recently that it will no longer be using the instantly recognizable “Got Milk” campaign which, over the past couple of decades, has used dozens of celebrities wearing milk moustaches, from Rihanna and Taylor Swift to Doctor Phil and Michelle Kwan. Instead, Milk PEP will be ushering in a new slogan called “Milk Life,” which will focus on milk’s impact on ordinary people’s lives.

“We want to make sure that milk is relatable, relevant, and meaningful to Americans,” said Julia Kadison, interim Chief Executive Officer, Milk Processor Education Program (MilkPEP). “We love that ‘Milk Life’ has a powerful double meaning: it’s about wringing every last drop out of every single moment, and it represents a way of living where milk helps power you to be your best.”

The ad campaign is most likely connected to the steady decrease in milk consumption over the years, according to the USDA.  “Our strategy is focused on this motivating reason to drink more milk,” said Melanie Strah, the senior vice president of Weber Shandwick, the ad agency behind the new campaign. “Once they know milk has protein, they will drink more of it.”


One of the newest advertisements features a young girl jumping into a pool with what appears to be milk as wings accompanied by a slogan that reads: “What eight grams of protein look like when you decide water wings are for kids.”