Gossip Girl’s New York City Hot Spots

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1 Oak, The Lion, Daniel — see where the gang partied during the past 6 seasons
Frederike Helwig

Want to party like the cast of Gossip Girl? We're telling you where to go.

Through all the drama-filled bashes, the mix-up masquerades, and the drunken debauchery that occurs wherever Chuck Bass goes, there have been many New York nightlife hot spots that have been on the Gossip Girl radar since season one.

Even in high school — back in 2007 — the likes of Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen were seen at then-hot spots Butter, Marquee, 1 Oak, 151,  and Geisha partying the night away—years of their legal drinking age.

As the years wore on, hotels became a permanent spot for both bedding and bar-hopping, with the the Empire Hotel and The New York Palace playing a big role in the entire series. The Palace was home to the Basses and the Van der Woodsens, and also served as host to Cotillion, the annual Bart Bass brunch, and its now-gone restaurant Gilt, the source for late-night room dining (truffled grilled cheese!) and tons of martinis and Scotch. The Empire Hotel, with its rooftop destination, is a go-to for party revelers, and it was the home for many parties thrown by Chuck Bass himself. The real-life hotel even has a Gossip Girl cocktail menu for fans of the show.

As for restaurants, New York City spots The Lion, Daniel, Norma’s, Hundred Acres, Park Avenue Winter, and a slew of others have been the backdrop for date nights for these characters — no need for specifics because they’ve all dated each other and we’d have to draw a Venn diagram to explain.
The most iconic scenes, however, have taken place at a few key locations. The Campbell Apartment at Grand Central Terminal was where Serena got her groove on atop a bar, first with Nate and then with Dan — a little déjà vu, no?

The Box, a burlesque nightclub in the Lower East Side, is, as many people remember, where Chuck and Blair became Chuck and Blair — amid a slur of champagne, desserts, and a striptease.
Capitale, The Russian Tea Room, and The St. Regis are all popular with the gang as well, playing host to everything from a fashion show to a scheming plot over afternoon tea to the fairytale wedding that wasn’t a fairytale at all.

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All in all, Gossip Girl may be the most restaurant-heavy show since Sex and the City — both shows have spawned location tours and that’s a great thing, because even the show is ending, we’ll be vying to get down like these Upper East Siders for years to come.