Gordon Ramsay's Los Angeles Restaurant Receives Class-Action Lawsuit

The aggressive chef undergoes further scrutiny

Now we have even more reasons to be afraid of Gordon Ramsay.

Fat Cow, the chef’s gastropub he opened last fall in Los Angeles’s the Grove, is having a class-action lawsuit filed against it after former and current employees state that they were refused overtime, forced to work through their breaks, and underwent tip-skimming. This is the second time this year that Ramsay’s restaurant has been sued—earlier this spring Ramsay was served another lawsuit after failing to pay a $45,000 bill to the company that outfitted the restaurant’s kitchen.

A representative for the restaurant says that its previous management had been replaced due to complaints already raised by employees before this lawsuit was even enacted, leaving the Fat Cow with a very spotty record, indeed.


Ramsay is already an all too familiar face within the world of media scandal and is famed for his aggressive comments on Hell’s Kitchen and his behavior such as framing his mentor Marco Pierre White. Something tells us that if he isn’t already, he will soon be very familiar with the legal system…