Gordon Ramsay Starts Another Lawsuit

This time, he's going after a Montreal chicken joint owner

Gordon Ramsay

Seriously, Gordon Ramsay, you do not need to get into all these lawsuits.

The celebrity chef, right after suing a publicist for allegedly conspiring to hack his email, has decided to sue the owner of Rôtisserie Laurier BBQ for $2.25 million in lost license fees, as well as $500,000 for defamation.

The restaurant had hired Ramsay as a consultant in 2010, but after Ramsay was "too busy to come into the restaurant" and disappeared in August, owner Danny Lavy decided to cut ties.

They removed his name from the sign and menus last month, but now Ramsay is suing Lavy and Co. for lost license fees through 2016. Ramsay also tacked on $500,00 for defamation.

The suit claims that Ramsay was being paid $48,214 per month for use of his name, image, and recipes.

In the meantime, the restaurant has been renamed renamed Laurier 1936 (after the year it opened).