Gordon Ramsay Is Apparently the Highest-Paid Chef

According to Forbes, that is

Sure, we've rounded up America's most successful chefs, but while our calculations put Wolfgang Puck at number one, perhaps money is another matter altogether.

Forbes crunched some numbers and decided that Gordon Ramsay is the highest-paid chef out there. The team talked to food consultants, restaurant owners, and industry analysts, estimating each chefs' income from June 2011 to June 2012. Ramsay's estimated haul? $38 million.

Second on their list was Rachael Ray, who sources estimate made $25 million last year despite not owning any restaurants.

In fact, Forbes suggests that most of chefs' income is derived from network television, rather than their restaurants. Mario Batali reportedly made an estimated $13 million in the last year thanks to The Chew (Batali is number five on Forbes' list).

Missing from Forbes' list, however, was Jamie Oliver (who ranked number two in our Most Successful Chefs roundup). Guy Fieri, instead, ended up being number 10 with $8 million in revenue. Now if Fieri is earning more than Oliver, we may have a problem.

Check out Forbes' complete list here, as well as our rankings of the most successful chefs.