Goose Island Clybourn: What's Happening to Chicago's Famed Brewery?

What's Happening to Chicago's Famed Brewery?

Things aren't looking good for the famed Chicago brewery: Eater reports that trouble is swirling at the Goose Island Clybourn Brewery, first saying it will close, and now saying it maybe will stay open. 

Eater reports on the ongoing rent dispute between Clybourn's landlord, Chris Siavelis, and Goose Island that has put the brewery in danger of closing. Chris Siavelis, the landlord, is quoted saying to DNA Info that Goose Island's "request brings the proposed transaction far below that of market value." Now, Goose Island released a statement saying that the negotiation are still ongoing.

The brewery is in its 25th year in business and just released an anniversary video celebrating the landmark year. Dubbed "Chicago's original brewpub," founder John Hall has said he will open a new location should Clybourn's close; the lease ends at the end of the year. Better sneak in those Goose Island beers in now before it's too late.