Google Nose Lets You Search Scents, What Melted Chocolate Smells Like

We would search 'fresh baked cookies' every 30 minutes

Sometimes, we wish we could search for what brown butter smells like, or perhaps an unknown spice in a new recipe. Naturally, Google has a tool for that (or not).

In Google's latest April Fools prank, the team has launched a preview to Google Nose, beta. "Coming to your senses: go beyond type, talk, and touch for a new notation of sensation," their promo page says. With the Google Aromabase with 15 million scentibytes, and when you're scared of trying the scents? "Don't ask, don't smell: For when you're wary of your query — SafeSearch included."

This isn't the first time electronic scents have been a the heart of some April Fools pranks; back in 2008, a software engineer wrote a mock press release for electronic scratch-and-sniff Google Books, for titles like "The Cheese Companion," and "The Science of Chocolate."

Watch the promo below for a few laughs, then imagine the possibilities. Not sure when your butter is done browning to that toasty, nutty smell? Ask Google Search. Need a quick pick-me-up? Search "fresh chocolate chip cookies." Need a wake up call? Search "fresh coffee" or maybe "lemon zest." Imagine the possibilities for cheese and wine writeups. We're down. Make it happen, April Fool's joke or not.