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What flavors would a drug-dealing ice cream truck vendor sell?
Ice Cream Vendor

Ice Cream Vendor

When a New York man was recently arrested for allegedly selling more than $1 million worth of illegal drugs from his ice cream truck, a food-loving Facebook friend asked people to suggest the dealer's list of flavors. Within hours, there were 179 replies. I've gathered my top 20 here. Can you top these?


Celebrity Category
• Darryl Strawberry
• Minty Lohan
• Mara-Sheen-O-Cherry
• CarMel Gibson
• Bonaduce de Leche

• What Would You Do-oo-oo For a Bongdike Bar?
• Maca-Dimebag N' Nut
• Look At Me I'm Toasted Almond Bar
• Butter Pecannabis

Prescription Required
• Viagra Swiss Almond
• Percastachio
• Vanillium
• Lithium Split
• Oxycontin Candy

Best of The Rest
• Rocky Roid
• Quaaludes & Cream
• Methamphetamint
• XTCreamsicle
• Butter PCPecan
• 7 Gram Rock-y Road