Go All-Out for National Brown Bag-It Day

Why buy when you can pack a gourmet lunch and make a bash out of it

Create a good habit of brown-bagging your lunch!

If you’re like us here at The Daily Meal, you’re pretty busy throughout the week. Forgetting to pack our lunch from home is a very common occurrence here at our office. We cook up a storm during weeknights and then are too tired to pack something or we want a change of pace when it comes to the next day's afternoon delight.

Well, if there was ever a time to kick-start a good habit, its tomorrow. National Brown Bag-It Day is May 25 and we’re fully on board to get the party started in our office. With all the benefits of packing lunch — it's less expensive, a money saver, there's more nutrition control, and more time for you to enjoy your lunch rather than running out — it’s a wonder we don’t pack more often. 

Here at The Daily Meal, we’re throwing our buy-it approach out the window — well, we’re trying to at least. Tomorrow and for many more days to come, we’re having bag-it parties to start a healthy and money-saving initiative in our lives.

Want to throw a bag-it party at your office or school? Get inventive and create a theme for your party, like a Mexican fiesta, or summer salads where everyone can swap. Here's an even better idea: Every once and a while, pool together the money that you would have spent on an average afternoon lunch and donate it to a good cause, or even host an after work happy hour.
Here’s a little lunch-packing inspiration — recipes! Enjoy!

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