Glass Onion: Layers Upon Layers of Quality and Soul

Layers Upon Layers of Quality and Soul

“Welcome to the Glass Onion. We strongly believe in the importance of eating seasonally, locally and naturally. So, you can expect all natural meats, local seafood and vegetables from as close to home as we can get.”

So begins the restaurant’s description of itself on its website, and it provides a totally appropriate expression of the place’s essence. A patron feels so welcome here, it really is like home. The tile floor and wooden tables exude a sense of down-home groundedness, without making the décor feel cheap or overly simple. A series of well-chosen lamps and paintings adorn the ceilings and walls, respectively, and it all contributes to a quite comfortable establishment.

The food matches: it’s all the best of Southern food done well. In the sandwich department, the specialty is po’ boys, including the quite interesting fried pig ear variety. For a thrilling adventure, go for the buttermilk fried quail: you won’t be disappointed, unless you really, really don’t like gamey birds. In addition, Tuesday nights are fried chicken nights, and are definitely worth it for The Glass Onion’s exceptional brined chicken. And the drinks are not to be ignored, as the restaurant features a wine list of sustainable, organic, or biodynamic choices.

Chefs Chris Stewart and Sarah O’Kelley have succeeded in their intent to make The Glass Onion a “soulful” addition to Charlesotn’s comfort food scene. It’s never been totally clear to me why it’s called The Glass Onion, but hey, an Onion by any other name would taste as good.

1219 Savannah Hwy
Charleston, SC 29407
$ $