Gingerbread Houses for Sale

Looking to buy a gingerbread house online? Look no further

Williams-Sonoma's "gingerbread estate" will cost you $259.95.

Gingerbread houses are one of the hallmarks of the holiday season, but they’re not exactly easy to make from scratch. First you have to make the gingerbread dough, then you have to cut it into the right shapes, bake it, then build and decorate the house before the little ones eat all the candy. Thankfully there are pre-made gingerbread houses that you can have shipped right to your door, and best of all you can take all the credit for making them yourself (just don’t enter any contests!). Here are three places where you can buy gingerbread houses online:  

Harry And David
This popular online retailer sells gingerbread trains ($74.95) as well as gingerbread Santa’s sleighs ($69.95) for a unique twist on the classic project.

This charming gingerbread house ($59.95) arrives complete with jolly snowmen and Christmas trees, and can be customized with a name of your choice. They also sell a Halloween-themed gingerbread house ($49.95) as well as a palatial “gingerbread estate” for $259.95.


The Gingerbread Construction Co.
This retailer will ship a fully decorated Christmas-themed gingerbread house to your door for $39.95, but they also offer undecorated houses you can customize yourself, and houses themed for Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Thanksgiving, Easter, and Halloween.