Gilt Taste Not Doing Too Well, It Seems

After staff cuts earlier this year, the company is slicing down their grocery, food offerings

Looks like the days of charcuterie arriving at your doorstep may soon be over; Gilt Groupe has announced that they'll be cutting back on Gilt Taste, the high-end online grocery department of their e-commerce concept.

All Things D reports that while the Taste tab will continue to show up on the site, the offerings will be limited to seasonal and holiday goods, so random impulse buys of bottles of champagne will seem like they have a purpose. As in, no we're not just getting a case of champagne because we love alcohol. It's [insert holiday here]. Duh.

Unfortunately, this also means the editorial component will be cut down as well; Gilt’s president Andy Page told All Things D that while editorial content did up sales in Jetsetter, it did not increase sales in the Taste department. Ruth Reichl, who was signed on as editorial adviser, will continue to be a consultant for the site.

Gilt Groupe went through a huge wave of cuts back in January, cutting 10 percent of their employees and executives. This time around, however, Page claims the business is doing well, with a 50 percent year-over-year revenue growth. The changes and cuts this time around are focused to make the entire company profitable, rather than select sections.

Ruth Reichl did not return our requests for comments.