Giant, Dead Sunfish for Sale at Japanese Supermarket

A massive sunfish is for sale on the off chance someone can cook it

This giant sunfish is for sale at a supermarket in Japan.

The catch of the day at one Japanese supermarket is a bit of a shocker, because some Twitter users have spotted an enormous, floppy, gray sunfish for sale at the seafood counter.

According to Rocket News 24, the enormous gray fish is on display at a supermarket and is available for sale for 9800 yen, or $91. That seems like a pretty good deal for a fish that size, but the sunfish is not exactly appetizing. The store did its best at merchandising the giant fish, but the way it hangs over its block of ice doesn’t make it look particularly fresh, and the package of oyster mushrooms sitting on top of it don’t do much to help.

The sign the fish tells customers that it’s OK to touch the fish, and OK to take pictures, and that’s not helping the fish’s case. Even on the off chance that someone out there has the skills to fillet and cook a fish the size of a surfboard, it doesn’t seem likely that they’d want one that had been poked and prodded.

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