Getting the Skinny on the Link Between Women's Weight and Their Paychecks

A new study finds that skinnier women tend to incur a heftier income

Is there a link between a woman's weight and her salary?

As if there weren't already enough hurdles for women in the workplace, a new study suggests that the size of a woman has a bearing on the size of her paycheck.

The study comes from the Journal of Applied Psychology published in the fall of 2010. Findings show that women who are “very thin” make $22,000 more money than their “average weight” counterparts. And, at the other end of the scale, “very heavy” women were down $19,000 compared to average weight workers.

Men were also studied but, not surprisingly, there wasn't nearly as strong a correlation between their weight and their income.

I guess it's salad for lunch from now on.

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