Get A Whiff of Cheese: Pizza-Scented Perfume Released

Demeter Fragrances, Known for Unusual Colognes, Released a Pizza Scent

Pizza Perfume is just the latest wacky scent at Demeter Fragrances.

Did someone just order a fresh pizza? Or are you just getting a whiff of Demeter’s brand-new pizza perfume?

 If you have ever wanted to smell like the heavenly mix of tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese, then this new eau de oregano might just be for you. But if you’re shaking your head in disbelief rather than emptying your wallet, well…even Demeter CEO Mark Crames admits that the scent may be only be for a certain kind of nose.

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“We decided to do this pizza scent to test the waters and see how people react to savory scents,” Crames told us. “There appears to be a younger, edgier customer who would be interested in wearing a pizza scent.”

We had the opportunity to sample a bottle of the perfume, and it really does ust like pizza—though the pungent, yeasty, slightly spicy aroma reminded us more of the day-old variety, or even a slice of Domino’s, than the scent of the freshly-baked New York slice.  You can buy a one-ounce spray bottle of the pizza perfume online for $20.

So how does it work?

“We use headspace technology where you capture the scent in a vacuum, we get a chemical fingerprint of it and then we recreate that fingerprint with materials approved for the skin,” said Crames.


Demeter touts itself as a “fragrance library,” with unusual perfume scents like turpentine, funeral home, mildew and paint. These scents might sound hard to stomach, but fear not, savory scent- lovers! Demeter is supposedly working on a bacon cologne.