Get In-N-Out Shipped to You

For $56, you can have two In-N-Out Double-Doubles anywhere in the states

Wikimedia Commons/Karsten Behrens


Midtown Row is claiming that they will send two In-N-Out Double-Doubles to your door for $50 (plus $6 shipping). This would be awesome, especially since you can also have it Animal Style, but considering that a standard Double-Double is $5.38 including tax, it's kind of a rip off.

Details from the web site: "We make no guarantees. We will ship with proper refrigeration via overnight mail, but reheat and consume at your own risk. Midtown Row bears no liability for any damages caused by improper handling of these burgers. Order before 11:59p PST 10/31/11. Burgers will be purchased and shipped on 11/1/11."

As for In-N-Out's participation? A representative commented that "this does not sound like something we would agree to do," meaning Midtown must be doing this sans approval. Personally, we'll stick to gourmet burgers that cost way less than $28 a pop, thank you very much.


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