Get Going Travel Site Allows Flight Search By Food Destinations

The site offers customized travel options based on different “experiences”, like food & wine

Perhaps the indecisive travelers have met their match.

New travel website Get Going launched their FlightFinder search tool, which allows users to search for flights to destinations throughout the United States and Europe based on what kind of experience they want to have.

It differs from other travel sites in that when searching for a destination, the user is able to choose options like “Food in Europe,” “spa & wellness,” or “culture.” Then, the FlightFinder tool finds the cheapest flight to a destination that best matches your selection.

This follows a number of “adventure generator” sites that simply ask you to enter your flight departure city and the date you wish to travel, and then gives you a list of cities with the cheapest flights on that day.


Should you choose to enter a specific city, that option is also available. FlightFinder will show you the cheapest flights to that city and will also give you a list of cities nearby that have more affordable options.