Imbibe with Hendrick's Gin at the 'Voyages Into the Unusual'

The 3-day event launches in cities nationwide, with lots of surprises

"Voyages Into the Unusual" kicked off in Houston, San Francisco, New York City, and other cities.

You're never going to find a party quite like Hendrick's Gin's "Voyages Into the Unusual" parties. After last week's party in Houston, the festivities continue with events this weekend in San Francisco, and Chicago, Philadelphia, and New York later this year.

So what can you expect at the most unusual cocktail party? Says Jim Ryan, a brand ambassador for Hendrick's, you'll leave with a new appreciation for gin. "Hendrick's has this amazing rich world that surrounds it," he said. "So we wanted to share Hendrick's with you all over the country in a very eye-opening, experiential manner. Hopefully, guests will leave as though they've jumped inside a bottle of gin — they'll know it inside and out."

What Ryan describes as that bottle of gin is evident in the planned events: guests walk through a mini botanical greenouse that features some of the roots, flowers, and herbs used in making Hendrick's. Then, during the first night, the Explorer's Lounge explains the ingredients used in the gin and makes them into a cocktail — try dill or bitters in your next Hendrick's Gin cocktail.

The first night, an exclusive VIP event, teaches the history of gin-based cocktails (like a tipple or punch) in the Delightfully Peculiar Cocktail Academy. Then, get into the punches: the Hendrick's team creates a signature traveling punch for each city with the classic template of five ingredients: spirit, sugar, citrus, water, and spice. The team uses what's seasonal and locally available (there were plenty of berries in the Houston's traveling punch) and lets guests sit back and relax.

But it's not all about the drinks: it's an event with "extraordinary ventures, peculiar revelry, and imaginative concoction," says the release. Sounds exaggerated? Ryan assures us it's not. One secret he gave away: a "curious creature crate," or a six-foot tall box with a caged-in bartender serving drinks. (We're serious.) 

Ryan says the event will continue to grow to more cities next year. "This is our thank you to the people that have been loyal to Hendrick's Gin, and also us reaching out to newer potential fans that may not know what a gin is at all," he says. "It's a little bit of education, and whole lot of fun." From the looks of Houston's bash, we get it.