Man Attacks Wife for Making Grilled Cheese Too Cheesy

A man who should have made his own sandwich attacked his wife for using an extra cheese slice
Grilled cheese sandwich

Wikimedia/Maggie Hoffman

A Georgia man reportedly flew into a violent rage when his wife made him a grilled cheese sandwich with too much cheese. 

A grilled cheese sandwich is one of the simplest foods to prepare. It consists entirely of a couple slices of bread with some cheese between them. But this week a Georgia man was arrested for flying into a violent rage when his wife allegedly made his grilled cheese sandwich with three slices of cheese instead of two, as he had requested.

According to Foodbeast, the man, who should have just made his own sandwich if he was going to be so picky about it, was so upset by the extra-cheesy sandwich that he started screaming in her face. The man had been jailed before for violent and abusive behavior, and his wife tried to call 911 when her husband started screaming. He stopped her by pulling the phone out of the wall, but the couple’s 12-year-old daughter called 911 with a cell phone.

When police arrived, the man’s wife said she didn’t think he was actually going to hit her, because she said she thought he was afraid of going back to jail and it had been a long time since he’d gotten physically violent. Still, the man was charged with obstruction of a 911 call and destruction of property for tearing the phone out of the wall.

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