'The Gentlemen's Rant' Takes on Restaurants

Sample rant: 'Is there any way I can get this butter more frozen than it already is?'

In one of our reader polls, a top diner pet peeve was "disappearing waiters." Yet, it seems like the gentlemen behind viral YouTube series "The Gentlemen's Rant" have a lot more to say about the dining experience. A few choice pet peeves:

On cash-only establishments: "You know who takes plastic? The Girl Scouts. And they're selling cookies. Door to door."

On splitting checks: "You're not splitting the atom. You're splitting bill. And we've already done the math for you."

On large appetizers: "I don't think appetizer is the appropriate term for something that's basically an entire meal before my meal. You should call them dinner ruiners."

Of course, the video starts out with a great disclaimer. "The next time you're out to dinner at a restaurant, just remember how many tired, sweaty, fed up, spiteful, underpaid, and unappreciated chefs, sous chefs, prep cooks, line cooks, food runners, waiters, and waitresses it took to prepare the meal you're about to eat. Bon appétit."

Let's do our best not to tick off our waiters, OK?


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