Gael Greene Dropped From Crain's

The critic is the latest victim of the restaurant critic layoffs

Gael Greene

Newspapers everywhere seem to be dropping their restaurant critics like mad; first there was that Times-Picayune mix-up with Brett Anderson, and now industry veteran Gael Greene has been reportedly let go from Crain's New York Business.

On her blog Insatiable Critic, Eater notes, Greene writes, "What a shock! I’ve been fired again. Crain’s New York Business is lightening up. It’s not quite as painful as being declared redundant by New York magazine but… ouch!"

Greene was let go from New York Magazine back in 2008, with a bunch of staff changes, and the 78-year-old notes that this time it wasn't as bad. "The new boss, obviously assigned to slice a few bucks off the expenses, says 'We love your work — I’ve always admired your work — but we can’t afford you,'" Greene wrote.

The critic is still tweeting away on Twitter, snarkily saying, "What a trouper.In pain from being fired by Crain's I'm still posting photo of fabulous StripHouse sirloin." And naturally, she ends her post with a slightly bitter kicker: "When NYM kicked me aside, the NYTimes said it was 'The End of an Era.' How many ends can you have in one era? Well this was more like the end of a hiccup. But okay. I rejected an offered free meal last night and demanded a bill knowing Crain’s would pay so that I could maintain my professional integrity. Sob. Well, now I’m free for long vacations and all those assignments I’ve been turning away."

Jessica Chou is an associate editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @jesschou.