Dozens Brawl Over Frozen Daiquiris in Queens

Three were arrested for fighting over daiquiris
Wikimedia/Corey Taratuta

Chairs were thrown and property was damaged because customers got fed up with long lines for frozen daiquiris.

The Fat Tuesday frozen daiquiri bar at the Resorts World Casino in Queens planned to bring refreshing island treats to customers and put some smiles on faces when it opened on Friday, but instead it set off a brawl that caused thousands of dollars in damage and saw at least three customers arrested.

According to the New York Post, the frozen daiquiri bar underestimated just how much casino patrons would want frozen daiquiris. 300 people reportedly swarmed the little daiquiri bar, and lines got unmanageably long. With wait times of up to 90 minutes and more just to get a frozen daiquiri, tensions started running high, and finally an enormous fight broke out.

“Two girls started this whole thing,” a witness said. “They came in with their groups. Before you know it, they started looking at each other, they started bumping into each other and then all hell let loose.”


Chairs were thrown, property was damaged, and in the end three people were arrested.