A FreshDirect Thanksgiving

The online ordering service has a brilliant Turkey Day shortcut

When it comes to ordering groceries online, FreshDirect has done just about everything possible to take the hassle out of it. Looking for a particular food item? Just type it in the search box, and not only will the item itself come up, ones similar to it will as well, so you can comparison shop perhaps even more effectively than you would at the grocery store.

But what happens when it’s time to plan a full holiday meal, like Thanksgiving, for example? It can take a while to sift through options for every item on your list. But it appears as if the FreshDirect folks are one step ahead of you. Just type "Thanksgiving" into the search bar, and see what happens.

Displayed before you are four pages of grocery items that are customized for the holiday. There are turkeys, yams, potatoes, crescent rolls, cornbread, dinner rolls, cranberry sauce, stuffing, creamed spinach, and creamed corn, right there for the taking. There are also necessary tools and ingredients for cooking the meal, including a brining bag, roaster pans, herbs, flour, evaporated milk, canned pumpkin, and acorn squash, as well as drinks like hard cider and wine.


So when it comes time to plan out your Thanksgiving menu, FreshDirect just might be the best site to turn to.