French Vegetable Farmers Burn Down Tax Office

French vegetable farmers protest falling prices with arson

French vegetable farmers dumped piles of artichokes in protest over falling prices.

Russia’s embargo on food products from Europe and the U.S. has hurt producers in several countries, and this weekend farmers in Brittany protested by burning down their local tax office.

According to the BBC, about 100 vegetable farmers in Morlaix, a town in Brittany, set fire to the tax office and town insurance offices this weekend in protest over falling prices for their vegetables. They also reportedly dumped huge piles of artichokes, cauliflower, and manure in the road, which prevented firefighters from getting through.

After that, the farmers used their piles of unsold produce to block a major road in both directions.

The farmers say they can’t live on the reduced prices their vegetables are commanding now, and huge piles of vegetables are going to waste.

Prime Minister Manuel Valls released a statement saying violence was unjustified, and that the protesters, once caught, would be prosecuted.

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