French’s Launching 'Flavor Infuser' Marinades in April

Individual-use containers will come in 4 flavors
French's Flavor Infusers
Dan Myers

French's Flavor Infusers

French’s might be best known for their mustard and fried onions, but the company is making the leap into the marinade game in a big way, and will be launching a line of "Flavor Infuser" marinades next month, in four flavors.

A company representative for French's told The Daily Meal that these products were inspired by the way that world-class barbecue chefs typically boost the flavor level in their meats, and will make it easy for home cooks to elevate the taste and variety of their own cooking by penetrating the protein in a way that traditional marinades can’t.

The marinades launch next month, according to the company, and will be available in four varieties: teriyaki, steakhouse, Italian, and jerk. While each flavor works with just about any meat, the jerk flavor will most likely go best with pork, steakhouse with beef, and teriyaki and Italian with chicken.

In order to use the product, you just pop the lid, jab the pointy end into the meat in a few different places, squeeze, flip, repeat, and then drizzle the rest of the packet onto the outside of the meat. After 10 minutes, the protein will be ready to cook.

Because the package comes into direct contact with the meat, each one is for single use. The "Flavor Infusers" will sell for $2.99, and can "infuse" between 3 and 4 pounds of meat.