The French Do Weight Watchers en Vogue

It’s definitely not Jillian Michaels screaming in your ear while you’re on the treadmill

Fresh off our America's 50 Most Powerful People in Food for 2012 list, Weight Watchers is making headlines for its unique campaign in France. 

While Americans take a cue to shed a few pounds from shows like The Biggest Loser and celebrity endorsers such as Jennifer Hudson and Kirstie Alley, the French have a different idea of motivation.

The new Weight Watchers campaign in France entails little more than a few close-ups of bold color-lacquered lips munching on a random variety of foods. They covered all the bases, with foods like wriggling fish, a chicken drumstick, french fries, a lollipop, and even a substantial amount of lettuce. Because, that’s what we’re really missing when dieting, lettuce — right?

Their message is undoubtedly suggestive, and seems to suggest that you can eat anything you want while on the Weight Watchers program. The never-failing emotional connect that is usually tied to U.S. dieting commercials is nonexistent in this campaign. However, maybe it works for the French. It definitely screams empowerment, a hint of rebellion to the modern notion of diets everywhere. Watch below.


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