Free Foie Gras for Californians at Washington, DC Restaurant

1789 restuarant is serving up free foie gras until Oct. 31

In a super-belated response to the foie gras ban that went into effect July 1 (FYI, it's October), Washington, D.C. restaurant 1789 is offering a complimentary foie gras torchon brioche from now until Oct. 31 to Californians only.

The restaurant, which has served President Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, has decided to take pity on poor Californians who no longer have easy access to the controversial food (as mentioned before, there are plenty of places that have figured out loopholes).

Washington City Paper reports that customers who show their California ID until Oct. 31 can get the free taster, served with chestnut shortbread and barrel-aged maple syrup.


"Here at 1789 Restaurant, we have a deep respect for the culinary tradition that is foie gras," chef Anthony Lombardo said in a statement. "People living in California who no longer have access to eat it can do so here." Ex-Californians with still legitimate drivers licenses can benefit, too.