Franklin Barbecue Alum Coming to Brooklyn, New York

A former employee of the famed Texas restaurant will be setting up shop near the Barclays Center

For those who aren't familiar with Austin, Texas' Franklin Barbecue, you just need to know one thing. It's good. Like, good. So good that the line to get in is oftentimes 100 people deep by 10 a.m. on a weekday, and when maestro Aaron Franklin runs out of barbecue, which is usually shortly thereafter, he closes up shop. And keep in mind, this is in Texas. It's not just hype, either; the brisket falls apart when you pick it up and the sausages have more snap than you knew was possible. In fact, The Daily Meal just named it the 26th best restaurant in the country.

And why is any of this important? Because one of its alumni, John Avila, is opening a barbecue restaurant on Flatbush Avenue, just a block east of the Barclays Center, according to DNAinfo. If this place is even a reasonable facsimile of what Franklin is doing down in Austin, then this place could very well end up serving the city's finest barbecue.

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Thus continues a veritable barbecue boom in this area, with Fort Reno BBQ and, soon, Dinosaur Barbecue setting up shop just a short walk away.