Fourth of July Strawberry Shortcakes

Here’s an easy way to make — and serve — strawberry shortcakes for the holiday

Make your shortcakes in jars this summer for an easy and convenient way to serve them.

I recently did a TV segment on The Weather Channel making strawberry shortcakes. While filming, I wanted to feed the crew, so I made a few dozen individual portions in jars, since they would be easy for them to carry around the studio.

Well, those mini-jarred versions weren’t even supposed to make it on the air, but they did, and everyone went nuts over them. Before that moment, I never realized how great strawberry shortcakes are in a jar. You get all the goodness of the classic dessert — sweetened biscuits, whipped cream, and strawberries — all in an easy-to-carry container. Made at least a couple hours ahead of time, the sugared berries start exuding even more juice and it soaks down into the biscuits. And, well, you know the saying that goes the whole is greater than the sum of its parts? Yup, that’s these: strawberry shortcakes-in-a-jar.

Click here to see the Strawberry Shortcakes in Jars Recipe


This is perfect for the Fourth of July, when so many of us are outdoors, either in our own yard or visiting friends. The jars can be covered and stacked in a cooler so they even make a great potluck or picnic dessert. Keep track of the jars as they can be re-used for another time. The jars are also great because there’s also natural portion control, too — as long as you can keep it to one per person. For shopping, note that you need one pound of strawberries plus nine more for garnish.