Four Snacks You Should Never Forget to Pack on Your Hike


The right hiking snack needs to fit several specific, time-tested criteria: it should withstand the jostling of your (sort of) rigorous hike, provide you with nutrition and energy and, most importantly, taste as amazing as that feeling of finally reaching your destination. Don’t know where to start? Here are a few go-to snacks that’ll be sure to satisfy.

1. Granola

Photo by Sophia Jiang

Is an explanation really necessary? Granola may be the epitome of outdoorsy food. When was the last time you saw a granola advertisement that didn’t involve nature? It’s seemingly healthy and crunchier than you are. Plus, it’s pretty darn tasty.

2. Apples

Photo by Sophia Jiang

There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned fruit to make that extra two miles feel like one (or, if we’re going to be honest, more like one and three-quarters). A good apple will avoid bruising during the hike (more than you can probable say for yourself) and retain a good crunch throughout. Biting into a crisp apple is as refreshing for the mind as it is for the body. Plus, they go super well with peanut butter and…

3. Cheese

Photo by Sophia Jiang

At a fast food restaurant, cheese always seems kind of like a guilty addition to an undeniably unhealthy meal. But in the outdoors, a good cheese becomes everyone’s favorite hiking snack. On a hike, everyone’s face lights up when someone whips out a block of God’s gift to man. It’s like some kind of dairy-themed Christmas. Plus, cheese is the ultimate source of protein and goes with nearly anything, or just by itself because it’s delicious.

4. Sesame Sticks

Photo by Sophia Jiang

What are sesame sticks you ask? Only one of humanity’s greatest accomplishments. They’re crunchy, come in a variety of flavors (I prefer honey-roasted, but garlic and cajun aren’t bad either). Also, they’re addictive to the point where it’s slightly concerning. Sesame sticks are a life-altering snack that few can resist after the first bite. Try them. I dare you.

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