Foods Reasons You Have to Go to Disney Japan

Ever wondered what a tiger’s tail tastes like?

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

These snacks are a must-try.

Mickey and Minnie Steamed Buns


Of course at Tokyo Disneyland they would have steamed buns filled with pork (the ears) and teriyaki chicken (the head) in the shape of Mickey and Minnie Mouse’s head!

Alien Mochi Dumplings

Yup, these are probably the most amazing and adorable dumplings you’ll ever see. These little dumplings are filled with strawberry, chocolate or vanilla custard filling. They might just be too cute to eat.

Teriyaki Chicken Leg

At Disney in the U.S., we go for the much-loved turkey leg, but in Japan it’s all about the teriyaki chicken leg. This sounds like something we could get used to.

Tiger Tail

Normally we probably wouldn’t want to try eating a tiger’s tail, but this is a little different. This snack is a tiger-tail-shaped cream chicken bun, no actual tiger meat involved. And a little pro tip for you: they serve all-you-can-eat tiger tails at the Crystal Palace in Tokyo Disney.

The Gyoza Dog

A steamed bun with a gyoza filling? No wonder this snack is world famous. 

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