Foods Chef Roblé Will Never Serve at a Party

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2 foods you will never see this Bravo celebrity chef bringing to an event
Chef Roble knows how to cater a delicious event

You won't see these on Chef Roble's display table

You may know celebrity chef Roblé Ali from the Bravo TV series Chef Roblé & Co., a show that chronicles this trendy and scandalous chef launching his high-end catering company in New York City with his older sister, Jasmine. At age 26, Ali has already taken the food world by storm, and he attributes this to his refusal to conform to conventional habits in catering and food service.

In a recent interview with OK! Magazine, the chef confessed two foods he will never serve at a party — crabcakes and stuffed mushrooms. "You see the same things over and over and I really try not to do that. Predictable catering food — I make it my business not to do that," he said.

Now, we’re not discriminating against these delicious entertaining foods, of course, but according to Ali and many other revolutionary chefs, it seems that the big trend in food these days is that there is no real trend — renovation and reinvention may be the key to success. But if you just can't part with these party staples, you can always keep them around and just step up the flavors, such as with our Lemon Almond Smoked Bacon Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe or Kevin Ashton’s Crabcakes with Thai Dipping Sauce Recipe

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So will you take Chef Roblé’s advice and avoid being conventional at your next party?