'Food Network Star' Justin Warner’s Special to Premiere March 30

'Rebel Eats' will send Warner along the South’s back roads

Justin Warner

Fans of Food Network’s Food Network Star have been clamoring for last season’s winner, Brooklyn chef Justin Warner, to finally get his own show for what seems like ages. As opposed to previous seasons, where the winner’s show would already be well into production by the time the victor was announced, this time around the network decided to air the finale live, resulting in a very long gap between the announcement and any tangible related programming.

While folks who have been waiting for a full-fledged series might have to wait a little bit longer, Food Network announced that Warner’s one-off hourlong special, to be called Rebel Eats, will be airing Sunday, March 30 at 10 p.m.

According to a release, Warner will be "armed with $300 in his pocket, a beat up car and a passion for unconventional food and eccentric people" as he travels the South’s back roads in search of some very funky-sounding offerings, including everything from "moonshine and bacon beer to barbecue in a jar and jellyfish pasta."

Warner, a self-taught chef who runs the acclaimed Do or Dine in Brooklyn’s Bed Stuy neighborhood, won Food Network Star with his unique style, sense of humor, and, obviously, cooking skills after being taken under the wing of host Alton Brown. The network has been known to test new program ideas via a special along these lines, so if it’s a hit we can most likely expect to finally be seeing the chef in a regular series.


The next season of Food Network Star is currently in production, and will air in June.