Food Network, Bobby Flay Launching Fitness Site

They're launching Flay's first digital series 'Bobby Flay Fit'

So, old news first: Bobby Flay is returning to Food Network for Bobby's Dinner Battle and Brunch @ Bobby's. Now the new news: Bobby Flay is returning to Food Network for Bobby Flay Fit. Workout tips from the cooking guru? Sure thing.

According to a press release, Flay is launching a seven-episode digital series called Bobby Flay Fit on January 14. "Each [video] showcases a different way in which fitness plays a role in Chef Flay’s daily life, from his home to his office to his gym," Angela Moore, vice president of Food Network Digital, told us in an email. "You’ll see him walking to work, goofing around in the weight room with his buddy Chef Michael Symon, cooking brunch with cookbook author Katie Lee, indoor cycling with his wife, and making staff lunch with his team at his office."

Recipes, videos with experts, blog posts, and photo galleries will also populate Bobby Flay Fit, Moore said.

Even though Flay may be more well known for his grilling tips, it makes sense that he's taking the fitness route as well; the Iron Chef has been known to participate in marathons and consistently goes running. Some previous tips? He usually eats just three-quarters of the food he gets, avoids late-night meals, and focuses on vegetables as the main course.

While this is the first time Food Network has delved into fitness content, we can expect to see more lifestyle tips from the media company. "We plan to continue building out our healthy offerings, from lightened-up recipes to fitness and lifestyle content," Moore said over email. "Our outlook echoes Bobby’s: healthy eating and living can come without a feeling of sacrifice or burden. We focus on moderation, not deprivation."


Bobby Flay Fit premieres Jan. 14 at, while Brunch @ Bobby's starts Jan. 3 at 9:30 p.m. ET. Bobby's Dinner Battle hits the air Jan. 16 at 10 p.m. ET.