Food-Inspired Cards for Your Valentine

It’s not too late!

Food and drink cards just in time for Valentine's Day

For those of you still searching for the perfect card for your loved one(s) this Valentine’s Day, we have come to the rescue with a few food- and drink-related ideas.

From designs that feature everything from scotch to pizza to fruit and sweets, not to mention milkshakes, wine, and guacamole, these cards tug on the sentimental (and we admit, borderline cheesy) heartstrings — they're aimed at those with a love of food, and a sense of humor. So whether your first date was over bangers and mash or your annual reunion is a date for shared coffee and donuts or your inside jokes all revolve around food, each of these cards has a little something for each of you (and hopefully for that special someone, too). 

You’re Neat
For the scotch enthusiast, this "You’re Neat" card is simple, elegant, and full of promise — aka the inside is blank (perfect for you to fill in with your own sentiment). To purchase, contact Etsy shop owner Paperkeet.


Take It… Take Another Little Pizza My Heart Now Baby
We have found maybe one of the most genius card-makers ever. The New Adventures of Betty Turbo sells this gem for $4, and so many more in her Etsy shop.  (PS. So many are food-related!)


Olive You
Simple, cute, and to the point, this card from Shutterfly is customizable — the inside can be printed with whatever names, captions, and even photos, you choose.


I Love You More Than Guacamole
Self-explanatory (the card's sentiment is the same as the title), there could almost be nothing better than this card. The blank inside also makes this one perfect for a wide range of holidays, or even our favorite, a just because.

Another customizable special from Treat, this subtle special message hits funny and adorable notes, all in one tiny little image.


We Belong Together
Notice: Must like or share memories involving donuts and coffee. If not, this cutesy card is worthless. PS. You can customize this one, too. 


I Love You More Than Roast Dinner
Another blank inside, this is great for any occasion for someone who loves roast dinners. You’re welcome.


You’re the… Bangers to My Mash
This Etsy shop makes this card in varieties for every type of food lover: bangers to my mash, syrup to my pancakes, sour cream to my latkes, wine to my cheese, spaghetti to my meatballs, toast to my jam, strawberries to my cream, carrots to my peas, fish to my chips, and more.

Salami, Fortune Cookies, Milkshakes, and Heartburn
This roundup of food cards from includes a takeout box with fortune cookies, revealing fortunes saying "Lucky You" and "Lucky Me," "I’m bananas for you," "I love when we share things" (insert milkshake with heart straws here)," and "So what if you’re not very athletic and your feet kind of smell like salami, you’re still the best thing ever and I wouldn’t trade you for nothing." Is your interest piqued? 



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