Food Guide to 2012's Best Picture Nominees and Past Winners

Food moments in the films nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards


On the evening of Feb. 26, the most esteemed actors and actresses in Hollywood will come together to honor the best films of the year at the 84th annual Academy Awards.

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The nine movies nominated for Best Picture this year range from a children’s book adaptation about a brave young boy who learns to fend for himself while living in a bustling train station to a movie about Billy Beane and his revolutionary approach to coaching the Oakland A’s. Whether it's in the background or a central plot point, there's a common thread linking all nine of these movies: food.

However, this is not the first time that food has been a recurring theme in some of the year’s best movies. In fact, each and every Best Picture winner from the past six years has included at least a couple of food-focused scenes. Last year’s winner, The King’s Speech, for instance, has a number of strong culinary ties. Perhaps most significant is the moment when Prince Albert (later King George VI) admits to Lionel Logue that when he was a child, his nanny would starve him, which Lionel concludes must have been a contributing factor to his stammer.

Here are some of the most significant food scenes and references in 2012's nominees, as well as those in the winning films dating back to 2006.