Food of the Day: Chicken & Syrup Slider at Green Dot Stables

The perfect bite of chicken and waffles — crunchy, juicy, sticky, and sweet

Today’s food of the day is the chicken and syrup slider at Green Dot Stables in Detroit.

You know it has to be a good dish when your first thought upon touching down in Detroit is that you need to get your hands on it. "It" would be the panko chicken and sage syrup slider at Green Dot Stables, the awesome little time warp with a racing motif just outside downtown Detroit. If you haven't been to Detroit lately because you're scared away by gloom and doom news stories, you're missing out. Big time. And this three-bite slider is the perfect introduction to the culinary delights in the city. I aimed directly for Green Dot when I got into town for a weekend.

Green Dot Stables may not look like much from the outside. In fact, you could be forgiven for thinking it was an old Frisch's Big Boy or something. Then you step in and hello! It's the 1970s. Complete with the price tag — sliders and fun cocktails (go for the Horse's Neck) set you back three bucks. Out of the some 20 slider options that range from classic cheeseburger to current (quinoa with kale-chimichurri). I always have to throw the chicken and syrup one into my lineup.

If you are a chicken and waffle devotee, this is the one for you. Crunch plus hot and juicy plus sticky sweet leaves you with grubby fingers and probably a trickle down your chin — but also a contented smile plastered across your face while you munch on a little basket of truffle fries. In fact, I keep a grin from the time I walk in until I push through the swinging saloon doors to head back out in search of the other tasty treasures Detroit has in store. 

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