Food Allergy Tattoos for Kids Could Save Lives

SafetyTat is a temporary tattoo designed to alert parents and teachers to a child’s food allergies

These allergy alert tattoos are bright and easy to apply.

No more double-guessing on field trips and during birthday parties if Johnny is allergic to red dye. Allergy SafetyTat creates a safe and innovative way for kids to quickly communicate their allergies and intolerances to a nearby adult without saying a word. The tattoos are brightly-colored red and yellow, and list “Medical Attention” information, as well as an “In Case of Emergency” phone number, so that parents can rest easy when their children are out of their sight and within reach of nuts and food dye.

SafetyTat was created by Michele Welsh, whose nephew has a potentially fatal nut allergy. After multiple trips to the ER, Welsh came up with a way to prevent food allergy attacks. The company also makes similar tattoos for safety in case a child is lost, and the tattoos can be applied by a parent at a moment’s notice without water.

“It became apparent that there had to be a way to make sure those around my nephew knew of his condition to help prevent an accidental exposure to any foods that contain nuts,” Welsh told The Daily Meal. “We created Allergy and Medical Alert SafetyTat tattoos in response to our own experiences.”

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SafetyTat could especially come in handy since peanut allergies are on the rise, according to a recent story by The Daily Meal. Allergy SafetyTat is available in packs of 24 for $19.99 on SafetyTat’s website.