The Flipside: Serving Specialty Chicken, Retro Vibes

Serving Specialty Chicken, Retro Vibes

An old-school television adds to the vintage vibe of The Flipside.

One of the latest restaurants to open in Nashville’s burgeoning 12 South neighborhood is a diner with a retro vibe and a modern take on chicken, The Flipside. Stepping into this place feels like walking back in time; from the authentic vinyl records stored in shelves above the door to the retro booths lining the wall, The Flipside was designed to look like a classic 1950s diner. But the restaurant also feels modern with its white tables, colored walls, and sweeping garage-door like window in the back of the haunt that opens up in warm weather so diners can dine al fresco. The atmosphere is welcoming and unpretentious, and the menu is very consistent with the old-meets-new interior.

Diners will find appetizer staples like chili, crispy bacon, and tater tots alongside more modern dishes like kale soup. The menu is rounded out with a few salads, sides like French fries, and classic diner desserts like shakes, brownies, cookies, and floats. But the real highlight here is the chicken. Each chicken breast is pounded thin, seasoned with breadcrumbs, and pan-sautéed in extra virgin oil. It is tender, juicy, just the right thickness, and each piece is topped with your choice of accompaniments. Enjoy The Usual with brown gravy if you’d like to keep it simple, or go all out and try And That: a dynamic combo of fries, brown gravy, cheese curds and a fried egg, it’s one super awesome poutine.

On a recent trip to Music City, I ponied up the bar, which completes the vintage vibe with an old school television and vintage crates that lined the bottom, and picked my variety, the Phuket: peanut butter, sriracha, and Thai basil slaw. The slaw added nice texture and spice while the peanut butter helped balance out the sriracha. It really did taste like something you’d find in a Thai restaurant. I loved how the chicken was topped just right; I never felt like the accompaniments were overwhelming the piece. I’m a big sriracha fan, but you’d probably want to stay away from this plate if you don’t like spicy food. But the best thing about The Flipside’s menu is its variety. You can dress it up or down, depending on how you like it.

True to form, the cocktails are named after old school cultural figures. I tried the Jane Jetson: a bright pink drink made out of Stoli Citrus, muddled strawberries, lemon juice, simple syrup, and tonic. Rye, bourbon, and tequila also appear on this drink menu.

Considering that The Flipside is open late, I can see it becoming every late night diner’s favorite spot.

Teresa K. Tobat is a writer and editor based out of Washington, D.C. See her website here, and follow her tweets @ttobat88.