Fish McBites Coming to a McDonald’s Near You

The mini fish nuggets are arriving next month

Fish McBites

Some secret new menu items are in the process of being rolled out at McDonald’s nationwide, and the first was announced Wednesday, Jan. 23: Fish McBites.

Made from Alaska pollock, the McBites will come in three sizes: Snack (3 ounces), Regular (5 ounces), and Shareable (10 ounces). And while the dish has been tested out in select markets, it’ll become an addition to nationwide restaurants next month.

Though it will be difficult to analyze the finished product until we can get our hands on some for ourselves (and trust us, we will), photos looks like the crust is a predominantly breadcrumb mixture, so signs point to them having a similar texture and flavor to mini fish sticks.

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Word has it that within the coming months new burgers, breakfast items, and chicken options will also be unveiled. Their fourth-quarter results were also announced on the same day, with reports indicating that McDonald's profits beat expectations. They've also announced that the company is now the first national restaurant chain to adopt the Marine Stewardship Council's blue ecolabel on its fish packaging, further cementing its commitment to 100 percent sustainable fish sourcing.