For First Time in 15 Years, Burger King Returns to France

Burger King opens it first outpost in the country since 1997
Burger King
Wikimedia Commons/Ildar Sagdayev

Burger King

If you’ve found yourself in France with a hankering for a Whopper for the past 15 years, you would have found yourself out of luck. But not any more.

The AP is reporting that Burger King, which has locations all across the world, has finally made its triumphant return to France after a whopping 15-year absence. An outpost of the burger chain has opened in Marseille Airport, and within six months a second branch is slated to open at a highway service station in the Champagne region. It returns to France through an agreement with the Autogrill company, which runs eateries at highway rest stops.

We hadn’t realized that there were no longer any Burger Kings in the country, but apparently the plug was pulled on all 39 locations in 1997 after they had proven to be unprofitable.

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The burger giant has over 12,200 restaurants in 76 countries worldwide, according to their website, and this likely represents a larger effort to re-establish itself in France. But we don’t think that their chief competitor will be quaking in its boots any time soon: there are currently over 800 McDonald’s restaurants in France alone.