Finnish Ladies Are Proposing Today

Staff Writer
Leap Day is a traditional chance for women to propose

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

Every few years, make that four to be exact, the women of Finland and Ireland are urged to pop the question to their beloved. Why? Simply for good luck — and without this good luck the marriage might be doomed. In Greece it's the exact opposite: If you get engaged on leap day, you're doomed. Tough odds, right?

In Finland, though, ladies are lining up to propose, so much so that Finland's finest convenience stores have created a "romance kit." This package will make a DIY proposal not only easy to pull off, but a little bit of a party post the "Yes!" response (we hope).

Fenland Citizen reports that the box will include a bottle of plonk (cheap, non-alcoholic wine), flutes for sipping, eight packs of confetti, and two his-and-hers passport holders, if you just can't wait to honeymoon. 

If this were The Daily Meal's proposal kit, we'd toss in a Ring Pop for the "Big Q," Moet, red cups (for an obvious flip-cup celebration), sunblock, and a party-sized Nutella, just because Nutella equals happiness.