Final 'No Reservations' Episode Is in Brooklyn

Anthony Bourdain's last show for Travel Channel hits the outer boroughs

The last day filming No Reservations was in Brooklyn.

No Reservations fans are still reeling from the announcement last week that Anthony Bourdain will jump from Travel Channel to CNN. Now, word comes out that the final No Reservations episode will take place in the new foodie capital of the country — Brooklyn, N.Y.

Some very clever Twitter pictures showed the crew filming the last episode at Jay & Lloyd's on Avenue U and East 28th Street, reports Gothamist. The New York Post reports the deli is known for its pastrami and brisket, but some made fun of Bourdain's choice for his last hurrah. In the Post story, "When did pastrami qualify as a exotic, international cuisine?"

No word yet where the first episode of the re-branded, CNN/Bourdain show will be yet, but Bourdain made it clear in a blog post that the show will go on — and become even better. He wrote, "Rest assured that whatever ZPZ and I do in the future, we will not be dumbing it down, we will not change our basic natures, we will not be morphing into something we are not. We will continue to do what we do." But first? He'll take his first break in eight years, vacation with his daughter, and write a book.