Filmmakers Spend Nike's Production Budget on 10-Day Vacation

They made an awesome video that makes us want to catch the next plane out

Make It Count

Nike made the best decision ever by giving filmmakers Casey Neistat and Max Joseph a chance to shoot a video about what it means to "Make It Count."

Instead of making any old commercial, the two guys decided to take the money and run around the world, filming in Paris, Johannesburg, etc. There's plenty of gnarly airplane food, some street markets, but also amazing scenery and a feeling of their drive to go somewhere. Some of the sequences are reminiscent of the Eat/Move/Learn series from Vimeo's Rick Mereki, but it's definitely worth a viewing, for inspiration if nothing else.

According to Neistat, the money lasted them 10 days. What have you done in the past 10 days?