Cool Film-Inspired Cakes for Kids

Fun celebration cakes inspired by our favorite kids' movies

Movies stoke our imaginations. They take us on journeys we could otherwise only imagine — a house floating through the air, a world turned on its head, or a factory made of candy. And these film-inspired cakes stoke our imaginations, too, creatively combining themes and favorite characters into an incredible, edible sweet. Looking for your own cake inspiration? Courtesy of Cake Wrecks, check out amazing cakes below.

— brooklynsupper, Babble


Alice in Wonderland Cake
Cake by Say It with Cake, image courtesy of Cake Wrecks

This detailed Alice in Wonderland cake captures the Disney cartoon perfectly. With singing flowers, a sly Cheshire cat, and a teeny tiny tea service on top, this playful cake is amazing.

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Raiders of the Lost Ark Cake
Cake by Cakes by Jeanine, image courtesy of Cake Wrecks

I don't think Indiana Jones was actually a very good archaeologist, what with the looting of temples that were obviously still very important to the indigenous peoples. But he makes an excellent cake.




Avatar Cake
Cake by The KupKake Tree, image courtesy of Cake Wrecks

If you've ever dreamed of eating an alien's face, and I know you have, this is the cake for you. 

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Wizard of Oz Cake
Cake by Good Gracious Cakes, image courtesy of Cake Wrecks

Follow the yellow brick road... to a tasty cake.

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Cake
Cake by Sweet Designs by Larissa, image courtesy of Cake Wrecks

The best thing about this cake is the Everlasting Gobstopper on the top. Slugworth would pay a lot of money for that!



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