Filet Mignon Jerky is Now Available

A kickstarter campaign launches specialty jerky online

Three Jerks Jerky is now selling Filet Mignon Jerky in Original, Memphis BBQ, and Chipotle Adobo flavors.

Ever thought that fancy and manly could be coupled together in a bag? Now, it is possible.

Three Jerks Jerky is a new Los Angeles kickstarter campaign that just launched their range of filet mignon beef jerky, according to a press release.

Founders Jordan Barrocas and Daniel Fogelson created this campaign back in 2012 when they decided that beef jerky needed a game changer product. Enter filet mignon beef jerky.

This revolutionary jerky is made with natural ingredients, no MSG and no nitrates/nitrites.

So far, it is available in three flavors, so far: Original, which tastes like traditional salty, sweet and tangy flavors; Memphis BBQ with Tennessee-style sweet and spicy dry rub; and Chipotle Adobo, which has an adobo marinade with smoky, chipotle spices. Each of these retail for $14.99, or there is a 3-pack option with all of the flavors for $39.99.

The jerky is available on their website and in Eataly NYC. Barrocas and Fogelson say they plan to eventually expand to gourmet markets and specialty food stores.


We wonder: what upscale dining food will they turn into a jerky next?